* Excellent safety performance
* Resistance to over-discharge
* Resistance to high current
* High quality and high reliability
* Deep discharge recovery performance
* Low self discharge characteristic

Series Type of Battery Product Specification Dimension
L X W X H X TH(mm)
Usages & Application
IPS Series IPS50 12V50AH@C-10 258X172X196X235 Depends on IPS capacity
IPS70 12V70AH@C-10 300X170X200X239
IPS100 12V100AH@C-10 412X177X210X251
IPS130 12V130AH@C-10 500X180X210X254 1 no. for 400 VA
IPS165 12V165AH@C-10 503X220X210X254 1 no. for 600 VA/2 nos. for 1500 VA/4 nos. for 3000 VA
IPS200 12V200AH@C-10 513X272X217X261 1 nos. for 800 VA/ 1000 VA/2nos. for 2000 VA