Volvo Solar Battery

VOLVO SOLAR is promoting Quality Lead Acid Tubular Plate Deep Cycle Industrial Batteries ranging from 12V, 15AH to 12V, 130AH which are specially made for solar home systems.

• Optimized paste formula for deep-cycle operation
• Reinforced cell compression
• Abuse tolerant and safe
• Superior Performance, High Reliability & Guaranteed service life
• Intrinsically suited for regular deep cyclic duty – Superior Cycle Life
• Ultra-low maintenance

No Battery Type Volt Plate AHC@ 20Hr. Dimension L X W X H X TH(mm) Usages & Application
01 Solar-15 12V 15 238X129X200X230 10/15Wp solar system
02 Solar-20 12V 20 258X172X196X235 20Wp solar system
03 Solar-30 12V 30 300X170X200X239 20/30Wp solar system
04 Solar-40 12V 40 345X173X260X310 40Wp solar system
05 Solar-50 12V 50 412X177X210X251 40Wp solar system
06 Solar-55 12V 55 412X177X210X251 50Wp solar system
07 Solar-60 12V 60 412X177X210X251 65Wp solar system
08 Solar-80 12V 80 500X180X210X254 80Wp solar system
09 Solar-85 12V 85 500X180X210X254 85Wp solar system
10 Solar-100 12V 100 503X220X210X254 100Wp solar system
11 Solar-130 12V 130 513X272X217X261 100/130Wp solar system